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Kolsai Lakes

Three picturesque mountainous lakes located in the northern part of Tien-Shan are called Kolsai Lakes. Two lower lakes are surrounded by spruces, alpine meadows and mountainous grasslands. The upper lake is situated between the rocks. The shortest and the easiest way to Issyk-Kul lies through Kolsai Lakes. Kolsai Lakes are the goal for many travellers. The lakes are located approximately in 300 km to east from Almaty in Kungai Alatau Ridge. The road leads from Almaty to Chilik and then to Kegen. From Kegen the road continues to a small village of Saty (you can take a bus from Almaty to Saty). The route starts from the lower lake of Kolsai (1100m), then the path goes to the middle lake of Kolsai (2250m), to the upper lake of Kolsai (2700m) and further on through Sarybaulak Pass (3275m) to the valley of Sarybulak village. The landscape mainly includes forests. There are valleys between the lakes and grassy slopes, which lead to the pass. It is possible to make a camp near the lake. Usually the route through the lakes is estimated for three-four days. Horses can be rented in Saty village fro the local forester. You can enjoy tourist routes and guest houses.

The track to Kolsai Lakes is one of the easiest. During the trip from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan to Issyk-Kul Lake you can enjoy the beauty and diversity of the nature in these countries.