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New Year Party in Armenia Tour

New Year Party in Armenia   7 Days/6 Nights

The color and spell of the Armenian New Year quite ideally emotes the verve of the country.Armenians celebrate the onset of a year to complement with the midnight of last day of December and very beginning of the day of January; which ideally signified new life with new hopes. Joy and ecstasy laced with food, drinks, flush and colors epitomized for this day... And New Year’s celebrations offer a popular spectacle for the eyes in the form of fireworks; it has recently become a tradition in Yerevan... Just let's feel this all in the NEWYEAR PARTY!!!

Places of Visit: Yerevan, Garni village, Ararat mount, Echmiadzin.

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Tour Program:

Day 1 Yerevan
Arrival. Our tour guide welcomes you at the airport. Transfer. Hotel check-in. Welcome Wine at the hotel!

Day 2 Yerevan
After breakfast immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Republic Square marveling at the giant Christmas tree with its thousands of lights in the middle of the stone rug of the square. Yerevan is like a fairy-tale city on New Year’s Eve.Visit the fortress of Erebuni, the birthplace of Yerevan, a fortress founded in 782 B.C. by the Urartian King Argishti I. Continue to Mother Armenia Statue to get a bird-eye view of the whole city.Then visit the legendary brandy and wine factory called“Noy” to get introduced with the history of brandy making in Armenia. Tasting three wine varieties from 1913, 1924 and 1944 and two cognac varieties of 10 and 20 years’ maturity at the old cellars of the factory.Lunch. Evening free.

Day 3 Garni village
After having a delicious breakfast at the hotel start an unforgettable day of exploration of the beautiful mountainous landscape of Armenia visiting Garni village and its renowned Temple of the God of Sun of.Garni pagan temple gracing the hillside was built in 77A.D. in the area of Garni Fortress which used to be the summer residence of the Armenian kings. It’s a fantastic blend of national Armenian and Hellenistic architecture. The elegancy of the architectural shapes, the Roman bath with its well preserved mosaic, the ruined palace of the royal family and the surrounding mountains with their snow-capped peaks make this place mythical. Then visit the legendary Monastery of Geghard partially carved out of a solid rock on a hillside. That’s where the “Holy Spear” was preserved for centuries piercing Christ’s side. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunch at a traditional village house in Garni. Back to Yerevan. Take a stroll in the old part of Yerevan. The guide will point at the oldest buildings telling you their exciting stories. Evening Cultural Event (Optional).

Day 4 Yerevan
Have a late breakfast today as you are going to stay awake this night! Today is the most anticipated day for you as it’s the last day of the old year and you are looking forward to the New Year full of hopes for having a better year! After breakfast we invite you to a day of shopping to get prepared to the New Year.Lunch. Back to hotel. Relax. Now you are ready for having a magical night!The most exotic part of this day is the late dinner in a traditional Armenian family! You’ll welcome the New Year with the locals who get prepared to this special day with utmost care, colossal vigor and energy!As the clock announces 24:00 the glasses are filled with champagne. Now you can taste dozens of typical Armenian dishes, pastries and cakes. There will be lots of toasts, smiles, gifts, dancing and fireworks. Happy New Year!

Day 5 Ararat mount
After having a late leisurely breakfast we depart to the south of Armenia to visit Khor Virap Monastery on the background of the biblical Mount Ararat completely snow-capped and dominating the horizon from the whole Ararat Plain. It’s the most sacred Christian destination in Armenia where St. Gregory was imprisoned for 13years by the King of Armenia. You’ll climb the underground chamber where St. Gregory lived before the he cured the king from his decease and the country converted to Christianity in 301A.D. Lunch. Evening Cultural Event.

Day 6 Echmiadzin
After breakfast we’ll leave for the town of Echmiadzin, the Holy See of the Armenian Apostolic Church, where the Armenian Catholicos (Supreme Patriarch) resides.VisitSt. HripsimeChurchbuilt in 7th century. It is considered a masterpiece of early medieval Armenian architecture. Proceed to Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral, where you’ll participate in DIVINE LITURGY. This church, historically, is the focal point of the city of Echmiadzin, one of the oldest churches in the world. It was originally built by Saint Gregory the Illuminator as a vaulted basilica in 301-303, when Armenia was the only country in the world the state religion of which was Christianity. The Etchmiadzin Cathedral is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On the way back to Yerevan visit the Ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral. Lunch. Evening free.

Day 7 Yerevan
Departure. Transfer to the airport. After having so much fun and joy, newimpressions and relaxation say “good bye” to Yerevan catching your last view of the illuminated streets of beautiful pink buildings of the local tufa stone. This trip was a truly rewarding reminiscence which will remain in your heart forever…

Standard Tour price
  1. Accommodation at superior hotels
  2. Premium class, executive level transportation
  3. Multi-lingual tourist guide
  4. HB Meal plan: breakfast and lunch during our tours (except on days 1 and day7)
  5. New Year Gala Dinner in a local family
  6. 1 Cultural even ticket
  7. Entrance fee to all tourist destinations

Does not include:
  1. Air tickets
  2. Visa to Armenia
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Tours not included in the itinerary
  5. Personal expenses
  6. Alcoholic beverages
  7. Hotel mini bar use
  8. Dinners except the New Year Gala Dinner

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