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Silk Road - Osh and around Tour

Silk Road - Osh and around   8 Days/7 Nights

This is combined Silk Road sightseeing and active tour, on the south of Kyrgyz Rep.

Places of Visit: Osh, Abshirsai, Uzgen, Arslanbob, Sary-Chelek

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Tour Program:

Day 1 Osh
Upon your arrival in Osh airport take a group transfer to the hotel. Lunch in the “Nostalzhi” cafe. Tour around the city: visit the “Jibek Jolu” (“Silk Route”) local history museum, the ancient mosques of the city (Ravat Abdullakhan (15th century), Mahammad Yusup Baikhodji ogly (early 20th century)), the Mikhailo-Arhangelsk Orthodox Church (beginning of the 20th century). Dinner in the “Al Faiz” cafe.

Day 2 Osh
After breakfast take an excursion to Takht-i-Suleiman Mount (1106m) to visit the archeological monuments of the late Bronze Age (end of the 2nd – beginning of the 1st millennium BC) and see cult sites of fire-worshippers’ priests of the late Bronze Age (late 2nd – early 1st millennium BC), learn about all religions that had been practiced on the territory of South Kyrgyzystan throughout 3 millennia in the Museum of Spiritual Culture. Tour caves and grottos of Takht-i-Suleiman Mount, the “stone healing sanctuary”, the Takht-i-Suleiman mosque perched atop one of the mount’s cliff, the open air gallery of rock paintings that stretches along the foot of the mountain. The petroglyphs date from the end of 14th – beginning of the 13th century BC. Lunch in a café.

Day 3 Abshirsai natural boundary
After breakfast drive westward to Abshirsai natural boundary (110 km) where you can marvel at Abshir-Ata waterfall. En route visit: - Dul-Dul-At site to explore the cliff paintings depicting the renowned Davani “celestial” horses. Davan was a slaveholding state that existed on the territory of Osh oasis in the end of the 1st century BC. The “winged” horses bred there were storied for extraordinary speed and endurance. Neighboring China tried to obtain the “heavenly” horses many a time waging war against Davan but no one could ever capture them. The reminder of Davan State and its remarkable steeds exists in the form of rock paintings. - Barium cave (60 m). The cave is located on the branch of the Tuya-Moyun mountain range. Uranium was found here in the process of geological exploration performed in the fifties of the previous century and had been mined thereafter. The abandoned adit will lead you to the cave. Upon arrival to Abshirsai you will have a chance to enjoy an excursion to Abshir-Ata Waterfall (35 km). The waterfall is a unique nature creation. Water carved its way through the rocks and plunging down in a waterfall made a month of the river. The river’s sparkling waters drop 35 meters down to the valley floor out of the cave on a steep rock face wreathed by clouds of water mist. Picnic-lunch in Abshirsai natural boundary (1700 km) renowned for its archa (myrtle) forests. The tour concludes in Osh with dinner in the restaurant and overnight at the hotel

Day 4 Arslanbob
After a walking tour to Osh bazaar take a scenic ride to Arslanbob village (200 km.). Along the way you have a chance to explore Uzgen town that was founded in the 8th -9th centuries on the steep terrace of the Kara-Daria River. One of the trade routes of the Great Silk Road ran through the town. For three centuries, within the period from the 10th century through the 12th century, Uzgen was a large trade center, a strong fortress and the south capital of Karakhanid State. Uzgen architectural complex erected in the 11th —12th centuries still remains a town center. The complex is comprised of a minaret and three neighboring mausoleums that were initially constructed as tombs for the Karakhanids’ rulers. Do not miss a chance to visit it, climb the minaret and observe Uzgen and its environs. As you drive on to Arslanbob stop for lunch in Suzak – a town located close to Jalal-Abad city. On arrival to Arslanbob transfer to the village guest houses. Within an easy walking distance of the village center is a small waterfall (about 23 meters high). You can visit it after touring around the village Have dinner in the village guest houses.

Day 5 Arslanbob
Take a horseback riding tour to Dashman forestry (25 km) and have picnic-lunch in the forest. Conclude your day with dinner in the village and overnight in the village guest houses.

Day 6 Sary Chelek
Enjoy an excursion to the large waterfall making a halt by it. After lunch in the village drive on to Sary-Chelek biosphere reserve (290 km). The unique walnut forests and magnificent mountainous landscapes with turquoise lakes make the reserve one of the top tourist attraction of Kyrgyzstan. It is characterized by extensive biodiversity. You will be dropped off to your accommodation in Arkyt village. Dinner will be served in Artyk village.

Day 7 Sary Chelek
Drive to Sary-Chelek Lake (25 km). Take your time exploring the environs. Lunch will be served at the game warden dwelling. Embark on a short scenic lake cruise and enjoy a leisure halt in one of coziest bays. On your return to Arkyt village proceed to dinner. Stay in the village guest house for overnight.

Day 8 Osh
After breakfast head back to Osh. Along the way you will stay for lunch at a roadside café. You will be transferred to Osh airport for your return flight.

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  2. Photo and Camera fees;
  3. Visa and consular fees;
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